Our junior Jujutsu class in Carlisle is aimed at children from the age of 6 upwards.  Sessions are held at Pirelli Social Club Dojo from 6:30pm to 7:30pm each Tuesday during school term time.

Depending on the height and attitude of your child, the upper age limit is flexible and moving in to the teen and adult sessions is not purely down to age.  The first session is always free, so you and your child(ren) are more than welcome to simply turn up and give it a go!  Subsequent sessions are £4 per week or you can pay for a 4-week block for £14.


Children's Jujitsu classes in Carlisle

A visit from Yasumoto Soke during September 2014

The teachings of Motoha Yoshin Ryu Jujutsu are passed on through a range of different kata.

A kata is nothing more than a sequence, and in Motoha Yoshin Ryu Jujutsu that sequence is a set of 10 different self-defence techniques linked to a various range of attacks such as punches, kicks and grabs within each kata.  To some, this can seem pointless and perhaps be a dated way to train, however that is often because they have an incorrect awareness of the purpose of such teaching and training.

Our main aim with the junior class is to make it fun!  The kata are not supposed to be 'realistic' and provide a base of principles which allow the techniques taught to be applicable to a wide range of situations, instead of teaching that technique-X is to be used for attack-Y.  We avoid teaching locks to the children as they can damage the yet to be formed joints, instead focusing on developing understanding of our key principle of posture in order to maximise the body's natural strength and this forms the basis of all training and techniques.  Strength is not required, as our style is based on controlling the mass of the attack(er) without blocks, grips or physical power.

Children's JuJutsu Classes in Carlisle

As the ability of each individual child develops, we introduce more concepts into each technique within the kata.  Every child is different and will find some techniques easier than others: rather than worry about what they can't do yet, we focus on improving what they can do well already.

Pirelli Social Club Dojo is well equipped to provide a safe, warm and friendly environment for children to learn Jujutsu, and also has a separate seated viewing area for parents who wish to stay and watch.  The Social Club bar is also open during training, and adults can purchase refreshments and snacks to eat and drink in the separate seating area.

Gradings are generally held every 6 months (July and December), however if the children are progressing well, we will hold the gradings more often as required.

If you have any questions about our children's Jujutsu lessons in Carlisle, or would like to bring your child(ren) down to train, please get in touch online or call Chris on 07880 858381 for more information.

We also have a closed Facebook group for parents and guardians to keep in touch with us about upcoming gradings, socials and other events.  We are happy to add you to this group on request.  You can also find our general Facebook page for the Pirelli Social Club Dojo here:


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